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I would die for you…I would die for you…I’ve been dying just to feel you by my side…just to know that you’re mine…” – Garbage

“Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart.” – Florence & The Machine

I cannot but want you. Whether it is merely a manifestation of my obsessive nature or a unique quality of yours, I cannot but desire you. I’ve known the feel of your skin and the warmth of your lips yet I would have more. I would consume you. I seem an over-ripened fruit ready to burst from the pressure of all that I contain within. I would have you peel my neatly-splitting skin and devour the flesh of my deepest obsession. I would have you consume me. I would not have us stop until we are slick and sweet with our sticky lust.

Yet it is more than that. I would possess you too. I would claim your every shadowed look and smiling glance, and count myself a sovereign among servants for my treasures. I would collect your cotton-candy dreams with soft touches and savour their sweetness. I would rip your fears and hurts from your heart till not a root remains. I would fan to flame the coals of your life till you are devoured in its heat. And still, you would have more. I would do more.

If only you would let me.